Monday, January 24, 2011

Sachino Gediashvili (Georgian Deep Sea Explorer) WIP

Sachino Gediashvili
(Georgian Deep-Sea Explorer)
First Name Meaning:  Sachino- “visible, prominent, clear”
Last Name Meaning:   Gedia- “It swims”;   ‘shvili- “child”
Age: 39
Hair Color: Dark Brown, beginning to gray on the sides
Eye Color: Grey-Blue
Skin Tone: Medium-Light
Personality: Driven and kind, with an occasionally sarcastic sense of humor. Ever the optimist, he has a hard time staying rooted.
Worst Fear: Disappointing his brother

Born on April 8, 1985 in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republican Capital of Tbilisi, Sachino Gedia’shvili lived with his parents Nikloz and Shorena. The day after his fourth birthday he lost them in the Tbilisi Massacre. He was raised by his older brother Lasha. Sachino grew up admiring his brother’s strength and determination to make a better life. When he was seventeen years old, he and Lasha moved to the coastal city of Tofino, British Columbia so Lasha could continue his research in marine biology. Sachino took similar interest but wanted to explore further, so he began studying deep sea exploration. He continues his research and expeditions in hopes of pioneering a self-sustaining undersea colony for human inhabitation.

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